Convegno bridging eastern and western psychiatry 2010

Kyiv(Ukraine)13th conference of Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry
June 10th-13th 2010
Organizzatore:: Bridging Western and Eastern Psychiatry
Inizio: giovedì 10 giugno 2010 alle ore 18.30
Fine: domenica 13 giugno 2010 alle ore 13.30
Luogo: hospital’s Assembly Hall.
Indirizzo: Cosack Road
Telefono: 380676759236
We are privileged to inform you that another conference dedicated to scientific and cultural exchange between Eastern and Western psychiatry is to be held in 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
The more detailed information will be given in the next announcements. Considering the great interest of Ukrainian psychiatrists, and upon agreement with the Head Physician of Kyiv City Psychiatric Hospital, Professor Vyacheslav Mishiyev the Conference will be held in the Hospital’s Assembly Hall.
On behalf on the Organizing Committee,
Alexander Filts, Taras Dasho, Vyacheslav Mishiyev

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