Bridging Eastern adn Western Psychiatry, kiev 2010

Bridging Eastern adn Western Psychiatry, kiev 2010

13th conference of Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry
Kyiv (Ukraine)
June 10th-13th 2010
Coping complex issues for Contemporary Psychiatry:
What we can treat; what we cannot treat

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Scientific program

Scientific program
Thursday 10 June

18.30 Opening ceremony of the Bridging conference
Maria Luisa Figueira (Lisbon, Portugal), Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio, Italy)
Lecture Psychiatry at the crossroad of the past and the future, of the East and the West .
Alexander Filtz (Lviv, Ukraine)
Awards of the Bridging competition for Young Doctors, Researches and Students 2010
1. Dr. Manuel Paes de Sousa Award: 300 Euros for the best original research articles.
2. Prof. Adam Szymusic Award: 150 Euros for the best clinical case study.
3. Dr. Andrej Marusic Award: 100 Euros for the best review article.
Friday 11 June

9.00 12.00
Symposium Temperament and Personality in Bipolar Disorder
Chairpersons: Kostas N. Fountoulakis (Thessalonik, Greece) Mario Di Fiorino
(Viareggio, Italy)
Alessandro Del Debbio (Viareggio, Italy)
Personality and Disorder in Bipolar Disorder
M. Luisa Figueira, Nazaré Santos (Lisbon, Portugal)
Suicide attempts in adolescents. There is a role for the excessive temperament ?
Jacopo G. Massei (Viareggio, Italy)
Comorbidity Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder
Alexander I. Mironenko (Lviv, Ukraine)
Personalities in Affective Disorders
12.15 13.00
Lecture Clinical aspects of mania
M. Luisa Figueira (Lisbon, Portugal)
14.30 – 16.00
Symposium Controversy in the assessment and therapy of paraphilias
(under the auspices of the Richard von Krafft-Ebing Appreciation Society)
Chairpersons: J M Bellido Morillas (Belgrade, Serbia), Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio, Italy)
J M Bellido Morillas (Belgrade, Serbia)
Religious Fact and Sexual Perversions: Past and Present
M K. Biskupski (Lodz, Poland)
Krafft Ebing and Transgenderism: Psychical Hermaphroditism seen from the modern perspective.
Francesco Simonetti (Viareggio, Italy)
Categorial and dimensional models in paraphilias spectrum
Edita Ruzgyte (Texas, USA)
The treatment of the sex offenders.
Symposium The long-term treatment in the Hospital and in the Community services
Chairpersons: Gabriella Ba (Milano, Italy), Natalia Olexandrivna Maruta (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Caterina A Viganò, Gabriella Ba (Milano, Italy)
Evaluation in psychiatric rehabilitation: quality of daily experience among residential and semiresidential patients.
Natalia Olexandrivna Maruta (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Rehabilitation in Ukriane
Maris Taube (Riga, Latvia)
Group psychotherapy in long term treatments
Cristina Toni (Pisa, Italy)
The long term management of Anxiety Disorders in Italy
16.30 – 19.00
Marty Klein (USA)
Course Diagnosis & treatment of sexual issues

Symposium Beyond Pharmacotherapy
Chairpersons : Alexander Filts (Lviv, Ukraine), Lara Severino (Lisbon, Portugal)
Boris V. Mikhailov (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Eating Disorders: the psychotherapy in Ukraine
Mikhail Reshetnikov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
The employ of Psychotherapy in Russia
Serafim Carvalho (Lisbon, Portugal)
Clinical depression, through an evolutionary approach
Filippo Nardini (Viareggio, Italy)
The behavioural therapy: clinical issues
Sofia Brissos (Lisbon, Portugal)
The importance of measuring functioning in clinical trials and daily practice

Saturday 12 June

9.00 – 10.30
1st poster session
9.00- 11.00
Symposium Treatment of the most difficult patient in mood disorders
Chairpersons: Maria Luisa Figueira (Lisbon, Portugal), Konstantinos Fountoulakis (Thessalonik, Greece)
Giulio Perugi (Pisa, Italy)
The employ of the antidepressants in Bipolar Depression
José Manuel Jara (Lisbon, Portugal)
Combination of mood stabilizers: effectivity and effectiveness
Kostas N. Fountoulakis (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Unmet needs
Course The residential treatment of Eating Disorders
Chairpersons: Johan Vanderlinden (Leuven, Belgium), Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio, Italy)
Johan Vanderlinden (Leuven, Belgium)
The psychotherapeutic Treatment of Eating Disorders: The ‘Kortenberg’ Experience
Alessandro Del Debbio (Viareggio, Italy)
The implementation of the ‘Kortenberg’ Experience in Tuscany
Linda Pannocchia (Viareggio, Italy)
The psychometric evaluation of eating disorders
Bruno Pacciardi (Pisa, Italy)
Fluoxetine and beyond, pharmacological treatment of eating disorders
9.30- 12.00
Symposium The challenges in coping young generations
Chairpersons Giuseppe Agrimi (La Spezia, Italy), Oleg Lapshin (St. Petersburg , Russia)
Franco Garonna, Laura Dal Corso, Nicola Alberto De Carlo (Venice – Padua; Italy)
Enhancing mental health and preventing work-related suicide risk through organization policies of person’s evaluation
Giuseppe Agrimi (La Spezia, Italy),
The suicide in the community centres
Lucinda Bastos (Lisbon, Portugal)
Bullying and depression
Lecture Adolescents in Psychiatry
Igor A. Martsenkovsky (Kyiv, Ukraine)
14.30 – 16.00
Symposium Gender, Sex and psychopathology
Chairpersons Viacheslav D. Mishiyev (Kyiv, Ukraine), Marty Klein (USA)
Igor Kolesnikov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Antidepressants and pregnancy in Russia
Riccardo Dalle Luche (Massa, Italy)
An up date on sexual abuses
Marty Klein (USA)
Sexual “problem” or sexual “function. How culture drives our diagnosis and treatment.
15.00 16.30
Course: The violence and suicide assessment

Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio, Italy)
Violence and suicide
Francesco Simonetti (Viareggio, Italy)
The rating scales
Jacopo Massei begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Viareggio, Italy)
Clinical evaluation and management
Orest Suvalo, Taras Dasho (Lviv, Ukraine)
The professional responsibility in psychiatry
16.00 – 18.00
Symposium Controversial Issues in Forensic Psychiatry
Chairpersons: Alexander Anatoloyovich Revenok (Kyiv, Ukraine), Alessandro Del Debbio (Viareggio, Italy)
Alexander Anatoloyovich Revenok (Kyiv, Ukraine)
The present condition and the perspectives of forensic psychiatry in Ukraine
Franco Scarpa (Florence Italy)
The perspectives of forensic psychiatry in Italy: an update.
16.30 – 18.30
2nd poster presentation
1700 – 19.30
Symposium sponsored by Astra Zeneca Italy (in Italian)

Sunday 13 June

9.00 – 10.45
Symposium Core Symptom Domains in Schizophrenia: an update
Chairpersons: Oleg Lapshin (St. Petersburg , Russia; Baltimore, USA)
Pedro Levy (Lisbon, Portugal )
The initial phases of psychosis. A Portuguese experience
Sofia Brissos, M. Luisa Figueira (Lisbon, Portugal)
Validation of the Personal and Social Performance (PSP) Scale in a Portuguese sample of patients with schizophrenia
Kostas N. Fountoulakis (Thessaloniki, Greece)
In the aftermath of large pragmatic studies for schizophrenia (CATIE, EUFEST, CUttlus, etc): Have we learned anything?
Oleg Lapshin (St. Petersburg , Russia; Baltimore, USA)
“Primary Prevention of Schizophrenia: Difficult Balance”
9.00 – 10.45
Symposium What we cannot treat
Coping antisocial personality disorders
Chairperson: Alexander Filts (Lviv, Ukraine)
12.00 Conclusive remarks
Maria Luisa Figueira (Lisbon, Portugal ), Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio, Italy)
Toward Riga Bridging conference

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