L’anoressia nervosa è una patologia psichica che molto spesso affrontata esclusivamente dal punto di vista psicologico. Purtroppo questa malattia comporta anche delle conseguenze dal punto di vista medico generale che possono mettere in serio pericolo la salute dei pazienti. Uno degli esempi più eclatanti è quello dell’osteoporosi che può esporre giovani donne al rischio di fratture patologiche. A tale proposito volentieri rendiamo disponibile il link alla nostra recente pubblicazione sulla rivista Open Journal of Internal Medicine:


In questo lavoro si descrive come alcune giovani donne affette da Anoressia possano avere un rischio di fratture patologiche paragonabile a quello di donne in età postmenopausale



Commenti disabilitati su Osteoporosi ed Anoressia Nervosa, un rischio sottovalutato

Dear Colleagues,
we are privileged to inform you that our traditional yearly conference dedicated to scientific and cultural exchange between Eastern and Western psychiatrists in 2014 will take place in Warsaw, Poland. We are glad to invite you toWarsaw, the capital of Poland, a most important trade-financial and political centre of Poland. Although today’s Warsaw is a fairly young city, it has many tourist attractions. Apart from the Warsaw Old Town quarter, carefully reconstructed after World War II, each borough has something to offer. Among the most notable landmarks of the Old Town are the Royal Castle, King Zygmunt’s Column, Market Square, and the Barbican.
In Warsaw there are many places connected with the life and work of Fryderyk Chopin. The heart of Polish-born composer is sealed inside Warsaw’s Holy Cross Church. During the summer time the Chopin Monument in the Royal Baths Park is a place where pianists give a concert to the park audience. Also many references to Marie Curie, her work and her family can be found in Warsaw: Marie’s birthplace at the Warsaw New Town, the working places where she did her first scientific works and the Radium Institute at Wawelska Street for the research and the treatment of cancer which she founded in 1925.
The conference will focus on “Psychiatry in a changing world”
We look forward to welcoming you in June 2014, and sharing with you our passion for both quality scientific researches and cultural exchange.

Mario Di Fiorino, Maria Luisa Figueira

The conference will focus on   Psychiatry in a changing world

Local Scientific Committee
Irena Krupka-Matuszczyk
Maciej Pilecki

International Scientific Committee
Marija. JMelena. Funtalakis,
Evelina Petrauskaite (Lithuania), Alexei Bandati (Moldova), Igor Koleshnikov (Russia)

Local Scientific Committee
Irena Krupka-Matuszczyk, Maciej Pilecki

Riportiamo una selezione delle presentazioni proposte al congresso di Kiev 2010

psychometric evaluation of Eating Disorders

fluoxetine1 and beyond, Kiev

Personality and Temperament in Bipolar Disorders

Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders

Kyiv(Ukraine)13th conference of Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry
June 10th-13th 2010
Organizzatore:: Bridging Western and Eastern Psychiatry 
Inizio: giovedì 10 giugno 2010 alle ore 18.30
Fine: domenica 13 giugno 2010 alle ore 13.30
Luogo: hospital’s Assembly Hall.
Indirizzo: Cosack Road
Telefono: 380676759236
We are privileged to inform you that another conference dedicated to scientific and cultural exchange between Eastern and Western psychiatry is to be held in 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
The more detailed information will be given in the next announcements. Considering the great interest of Ukrainian psychiatrists, and upon agreement with the Head Physician of Kyiv City Psychiatric Hospital, Professor Vyacheslav Mishiyev the Conference will be held in the Hospital’s Assembly Hall.
On behalf on the Organizing Committee,
Alexander Filts, Taras Dasho, Vyacheslav Mishiyev